Take Me in Bangkok by K.D. Elizabeth (ePUB)

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Take Me in Bangkok (Take Me Abroad #2) by K.D. Elizabeth – Free eBooks Download


We never should have met.
I belong in Italy as an heiress to my family’s media empire.
He lives in Thailand to get away from his American life.
On one short flight we’re seated together.
I try to distract myself by talking to him.
He tells me he has no desire for idle chit chat.
Put off by his rudeness, I do my best to ignore him.
But when I have a panic attack during landing, he holds my hand and talks me through it.
Before I can thank him, he disappears.
I figure that’s the last time I see him.
A few hours later, though, I run into him at my resort.
We end up having dinner together when the resort doesn’t have a table for him.
One long meal where we both enjoy playfully teasing each other.
When we finish, he makes it clear I’ll never see him again.
A week later, I’m invited to be the dinner companion to a wealthy Thai man.
I’m lonely after spending days by myself, so I accept the invitation.
We’ve barely begun when he insults me to my face.
I end the meal right there, but not before publicly giving him a piece of my mind.
A few hours later I’m awoken with a hand over my mouth.
Turns out I just insulted a Thai mafia boss.
In front of all his business associates.
And his reputation can’t let that stand.
Certain I’m about to be kidnapped, I flee just before dawn.
Without help, it will be nearly impossible getting out of town.
Then I learn there’s one man who can protect me from this mobster.
One man who is his sworn enemy.
A man I shared a flight with …

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