Take it to the End Zone by AJ Nicole (ePUB)

take it, aj nicole

Take it to the End Zone (A Spotlight of Spice) by AJ Nicole – Free eBooks Download


Take it to the End Zone is a spicy, one bed, snowed in, pro-football romance. It’s meant to be fun, fast, and spicy.

Tatum Darling.
She’s sitting behind the goal post at the most anticipated game of the season. But she’s been stood up, so now she has to try and enjoy her favorite team all alone. But a certain offensive tackle has other plans.
Atlas King.
After throwing a celebratory ball into the crowd, her chain of bad luck just increases and he’s to blame. But a black eye and a blizzard later, they end up spending the weekend together. Soon, they warm up to each other and they end up in a game of awkward confessions and truth or dare.
All is love and war in the end zone.

This is book #2 in A Spotlight of Spice Novella Series. (a complete standalone novella series)

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