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tainted souls, ava dune

Tainted Souls (Realms of Fae #3) by Ava Dune – Free eBooks Download


The War of the Realms is brewing as Jasmine and her friends seek to bring back the lost fae. While Feremir’s loyalties are being tested, Casja has to face her fears and investigate a mysterious death at Winter Castle.
A monster is growing inside of me. Before it takes over and turns me into a vicious, bloodthirsty beast, I have to reach the dark-eyed girl and destroy the queen’s weapon.
Maybe it was stupid to take them with me. If I turn before we reach our destination, my friends will be in danger. But the clock is ticking. Spring is almost here. Once it comes, there will be war.
It’s not really a choice. We have to do this now, before it’s too late.
The Queen of Light saved me. She took me in, and showed me the way.
Now, I serve her.
My visions are hers. She decides what to do with them. But her enemies are everywhere; killing, twisting, spreading lies.
They will try to take the light out of me.
I won’t let them.
My friends left me behind for a reason. They thought I was too weak. Too fragile for a dangerous journey…
I want to say I’ll prove them wrong. But I can’t. I know they were right. Why else would a tempestarii struggle to create a single drop of rain?
But her death is the final blow. I cannot hide anymore.

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