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sweetheart, athena steller

Sweetheart (Unlocked Mates #8) by Athena Steller – Free eBooks Download


He left behind his clutch, his parents, and siblings for the chance of finding his mate. The person who was meant to be just for him. The perfect match promised by the fates for the chosen ones.
Finding his mate nearly brought Levi to his knees with happiness. Mason, a park ranger, was everything he could have ever wanted as a partner. As his boy. Except Levi wasn’t used to talking to people, especially humans like Mason. What started as an attempt to connect through a dating app had led to Mason turning Levi away. Struggling, Levi tries to forget his dreams and leave Mason in peace but the fates have other ideas.

Running and hiding were two things Mason knows how to do well. He’d been born to a monster that had taught Mason and his twin to hunt and destroy those in the paranormal world, but Mason figured out the human that raised him was the real monster and he’d wanted no part of killing anyone.
He’d found a home, a job, friends but he was still missing the connection that he craved. Mason had thought he’d met the man of his dreams through a dating app, but the man refused to meet him. After a night of too much alcohol and loneliness, Mason made a huge mistake. He had to put that man out of his mind though. His survival depended on Mason keeping himself safe. Out of the hands of his father.
Mason believed he’d gotten away but when the past comes for him, he has to turn to the men that live five miles from the state park and might have their own secrets. One of the men that Mason can’t stop thinking about…until he realizes he knows that firm strong chest.
Fate doesn’t like to be ignored. Levi and Mason are about to learn that no matter how many obstacles are in their path, what is meant to be will be. Danger is around the corner and only the strong will survive.

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