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SweetHarts: 5-Books RomCom by Kira Graham – Free eBooks Download


Get sugared up with five hot romances where the men are all Hart, the women are anything but Sweet, and naughty leads to love that burns as hot as a Southern heat wave. They’re not good matches, they shouldn’t be together and they definitely cannot fall in love. Or can they?

The little liar! You know you’ve been played when you meet a woman you shouldn’t be attracted to and like her anyway. Cleo Sweet is a mess. She dresses badly, eats like she’s starved and says whatever pops into her head. She is nothing like what mom calls my ‘type’ and yet, I can’t forget her. I need to figure out why I want Cleo Sweet. The trouble is…she’s fighting my seduction every step of the way. I have a plan. It’s sneaky. It’s bad, but it’s oh so right for catching the skittish Miss Sweet.

Dreams are for saps. I’m a lawyer, a formidable power in my own right, and a woman with plans. I want love, marriage, babies and all that sappy nonsense that goes with it. Problem is, I keep striking out. With Zeus Hart in my life, directing things, I fail to see what’s right in front of me. He just may be the one. When I am accused of a crime and face the chances of getting put away, he steps in and rescues me like the hero of some fairy tale I’ve waited all my life to exist in. Problem is…I need to rethink my concept of a hero to fit the larger than life man who has me in his sights. Love, mischief and a chance at salvation is being handed to me. But can I accept it?

My mom named us all for Greek heroes or gods of old. We are strong, smart and resourceful but most of all, we play fair. Until I met Alex Sweet I was that man. Now I am falling, destined to fail, unless I do something that I never thought I would do. Commit. It scares me. It fascinates me. It’s the only way that I can redeem myself when I find out that she’s carrying my baby and has plans to leave me behind. Can I make peace with the woman I once swore never to love? I have no idea but I know that for Alex, I could die trying.

Meeting Sin Sweet was the best day of my life and also the worst. I fell hard, I fell fast and then I fell flat on my face when she told me to get stepping. She broke my heart, shattered my illusions of love and then left me trampled beneath her feet. I don’t want anything to do with her. She is no longer mine. But can I let another man take what my heart still screams is mine? I know my limits, I know Sin and then I know one thing that changes everything. Love is what you make of it and in it there is no room for pride. I want to sin, and I will have it all, with the original bad girl.

There is no conflict I cannot handle and no argument I cannot solve. Peace is my ambrosia and happiness is all I live for. Until I meet a woman who is the antithesis of everything I stand for. She’s temperamental, insane and so sexy I find myself pulled into her gravity against my will. We are nothing alike and that should mean that Tee Sweet and I will never hook up…until she seduces me and unleashes a violence need within me that has been simmering for years.

WARNING: This is no ordinary romcom. It’s sexy, steamy, and crazy funny. Read with caution 😉

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