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sweetest venom, jaye pratt

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I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I witnessed something I shouldn’t have.

I know I should report the crime, but the only problem with that is we are all part of The Sect of the Virtuous Legacy, and it’s their rule of law and punishment for all families belonging to The Sect to report any crime to them. We have traditions and laws–a way things work–and I need to be married before they will listen. Arranged marriages in The Sect are a given if you want to be sworn in.
One step down that aisle, and I know everything is going to change. I didn’t know that the three men I saw that night also had a plan. They too knew the rules, and they too were waiting, and the one thing I didn’t anticipate was their dedication to cover their tracks.
Somewhere along the way the hatred vanishes, and I start to realise they were never my enemies. They might be ruthless killers, but they’re my protectors, men who will worship the ground I walk on as long as I am loyal to them.
When things go south, I need to prove my loyalty, but it’s impossible when I’m torn between my love for them all, so instead, I will prove they made the right choice with me, and I belong right by their side.

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