Sweet & Sour by Colbie Dunbar (ePUB)

sweet sour, trisha linde

Sweet & Sour (Once Upon #2) by Colbie Dunbar, Trisha Linde – Free eBooks Download


Happily Ever Afters are overrated. Cake is far more satisfying.

Omega Bellamy knows better than anyone how food can heal the heart and soothe the soul. Since the death of his omega father, working in their family’s diner has been the only thing to bring him any kind of solace. Deep down, though, he knows that there has to be more to life than these worn floors and the handful of regular customers. Unfortunately, with the hospital bills piling up, and deadlines looming, it looks like his future may already be decided.

As a restaurant chain mogul, alpha Larkin is surrounded by everything he could ever possibly want… except his heart’s desire. Money and fame mean nothing without someone to share it with, but greed and arrogance are hard habits to break, and he’s convinced that no omega will ever be able to see past his flaws.

Larkin is in the process of buying out the local competition when he overhears Bellamy and his alpha father talking about their emotional burden. Struck by a sudden case of guilty conscience, he proposes a solution that could benefit them all. He will help them get back on their feet in exchange for Bellamy working in Larkin’s new restaurant. The alpha needs help with new recipes. And because he knows Bellamy would never fall for him, he figures seeing the omega every day is the closest he’ll get to a relationship. But he wouldn’t say no to more.

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