Sweet Second Chances for the Reluctant Billionaire by April Murdock (ePUB)

sweet second chance, april murdock

Sweet Second Chances for the Reluctant Billionaire (Texas Redemption #2) by April Murdock – Free eBooks Download


Matt O’Connor seems to have it all. Young, handsome, rich. Extremely rich, actually. But deep down, he’d give almost anything to regain the life he’d enjoyed before his father’s unexpected death. Though he pretends to take his new found responsibility in stride, secretly he’s struggling under the heavy weight.
Kimberly Walsh is a petite, red-headed powerhouse in more ways than one. She’s a success in real estate at the very young age of 23 and she can take care of herself. But her success is often attributed to her parents who own the big firm she works for. She knows she’s good, but she wishes others did, too.

When Matt and Kimberly run into each other after a few years apart, their past rushes back for both of them. She remembers the mad crush she’d had on her brother’s best friend and he was even more handsome now. He remembers how her brother had warned him off Kimberly once they made it to dating age. Now, he hopes that agreement could be nullified. She’s turned into a bombshell and he seriously wants to get to know her again.
As old feelings rekindle, it’s hard to ignore the troubles that edge in. Maybe he can’t give up his playboy ways. Maybe she values her independence more than trusting her heart.
Will these two be able to push the doubts aside and realize they’re stronger together? Or will fate take charge and pull them apart forever?

Everything’s bigger in Texas. Even redemption.

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