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sweet ride, megan wade

Sweet Ride (Men of Valor MC) by Megan Wade – Free eBooks Download


He’s a Harley-riding biker, and she’s a Vespa-riding lawyer. They say opposite’s attract. But when these two collide, anything could happen.
It’s not a normal day at the office when a giant, tattooed biker walks in and demands you give up everything you’re working on to help him keep custody of his kid.
And after that day, I never have a ‘normal day’ again.
JP ‘Doc’ Stone bursts into my life and takes it over with his bossy attitude and glorious pecs. I clock him as bad news the moment I lay eyes on him, but when he touches me… oh my. Let me just say that I don’t even stand a chance.
At first, everything between us is purely physical. But as time goes on, and the fight for his son is almost complete, that push and pull between us doesn’t get any weaker. In fact, it’s stronger than it ever was.
Now we’re faced with something neither of us contemplated in the beginning—a future together.
But when he’s a self-confessed outlaw, and I’m trained to uphold it, the odds feel stacked against us. Unless, of course, we’re in bed. The odds are definitely in our favor there…

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