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Sweet Keeper (Sweet Talkers #1) by Thalia Sanchez – Free eBooks Download


I’ve always known that I’m pure chaos.
Messy, impulsive and reckless girl that doesn’t have it together.
And I had no intentions of changing that… until I met Stanley McKinley.
From the moment that I met him, I knew that I was going to hate his guts, that he was everything that I’m not, everything I despise.
One mistake.
That’s all it took for our paths to collide and merge into one,
and I can’t find a way to get rid of the magnetic pull he has over me.
I want to push him away, to do everything in my power to keep him as a friend—at most.
But friends aren’t supposed to flirt and look at each other the way we do.
I shouldn’t want him… but I do.
And there’s nothing I can do to change before I mess him up too.

She thinks that I’m a golden boy, that I’m the perfect guy.
Rich and spoiled asshole that can have everything he wants in life.
I’m neither of those things.
From the moment I met her, Bree Pierce got under my skin and I can’t get her out of my system, no matter how hard I try to. I was an inconvenience for her, someone she only spoke to because we made a mistake, not even worthy of being her friend. But I don’t want her friendship.
I want her.
And I’m willing to do whatever it takes for her to choose me, to keep me as much as I want to keep her.
Even if it ruins everything that we have.

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