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Sweet Escape by Elaine Young – Free eBooks Download


Kazuma and Ally are two very broken people who’ve each dealt with chaos and stress in their own ways. For Ally, she deals with it by taking long baths in an attempt to soak off all the stress and pain of her abusive relationship. Kazuma on the other hand is a martial arts street fighter who lives alone. Kazuma meets Ally one night when he’s heading home from the gym. He sees that her soon to be ex, John, has been abusing her and decides to step in. But can Kazuma really be the hero that Ally needs?

Kazuma saves Ally, allowing her to sleep over his house for one evening until she gets back on her feet. But that evening turns into a week, and before they know it they’ve fallen in love. Secret Escape explores the relationship between two very broken people and the beauty and joy that can come of it when they meet.

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