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Sweet & Divine (Fine Wine, Simply Divine #1) by Kay Stewart – Free eBooks Download


One woman with a big idea and an even bigger secret leads to a divine sisterhood that provides solace in an otherwise hectic world. Fine Wine, Simply Divine is a series based on a group of women who take part in a book club unlike any other.
She’s too sweet for her own good.
Kate has been there, done that, and has the scars to prove it. She’s determined to change her life and only do things that make her happy. She starts with a new last name and then accepts an invitation to join a book club. It’s not just any book club; it’s a divine sisterhood where women get together to talk a lot about life and a little about books. What started out as a baby step towards independence, turned into a support system that she didn’t realize she needed. Yet, still, something’s missing.
He’s too stubborn to change his ways.
Damon knows a lot about women, numbers, and hockey, but when all areas of his expertise collide, he’s suddenly clueless. He’s accustomed to setting the bar low as to dull the many disappointments in his life. The problem with getting too comfortable with being let down is not seeing a good thing when it’s right in front of you. The Kate he knew and adored is long gone. In her place is a rigid shell of a woman who challenges him at every turn. One thing that hasn’t changed is Kate’s ability to stay one step ahead of him, causing his head to spin whenever he’s around her.
Kate and Damon put all of their energy into fighting a bond that was never truly broken. They quickly discover that it was easier to forget each other when they weren’t spending most of their waking hours in each other’s orbit. Can they each overcome the ghosts of their past to build a future together or will they succumb to their fears of history repeating itself?

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