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Sweet Child O’ Mine (80s Baby #2) by Bree Weeks – Free eBooks Download


Sure, I saw the “No Cruising” signs in the parking lot of Pine Grove Galleria, but I didn’t really think they were serious! Who could blame me, though, after being handed the keys to my sister’s gnarly Mustang convertible for one bodacious Friday night? Awesome, right? Well, it was until I got pulled over by a mall cop and was given a ticket.
At court, the judge gave me a choice: jail time or community service. I almost chose the slammer because I’m way too awesome for the other option, but then I discovered I could serve out my sentence at a radio station. Totally bitchin’ since I’m a rocker chick at heart. It doesn’t hurt that the hottest guy on the planet works at the station. He’s a total nerd, but I find myself being drawn in. Can I survive community service and keep my heart intact?

The minute I saw Gretchen, I knew I wanted her, but I also knew we are from completely different worlds. I like good jazz and quiet love songs that you can dance to. She likes hair metal bands and something called a “Power Ballad.”
Our two worlds collide every Saturday while she’s doing her community service. I have to figure out a way to let her know how I feel before the end of her sentence, or she’ll be lost to me forever. I can’t let that happen. What am I willing to do to prove that she’s the love of my life…maybe even “sweet child o’ mine”, to use her phrase? Stick around and find out.

Once again we’re going back to the radical 1980s! Make that mixtape, pull on your legwarmers, and moonwalk your way through these fun stories set in Pine Grove. Hit Skateland, the soda shop, the arcade, and of course, Pine Grove Galleria in this set of totally sweet and steamy standalone stories from some of your favorite authors set in the decade of decadence. It’s the 80s, baby!

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