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sweeney, diane darcy

Sweeney (Highlanders from the Mists of Time #65) by Diane Darcy – Free eBooks Download


Fate decides who comes into your life…

Sweeney and his fellow ghosts are trapped upon Culloden Moor for almost three centuries. When they are freed by a witch, it’s like being released from prison!
Sweeney now has the whole wide world as his oyster, and that wonderful, fickle Lady Fate, is leading him on an adventure. When he ends up at Central Park in New York City, watching actors performing in the park, he can’t help but join in. But with a kiss, has he sealed his own fate? Does he even want to?
And your heart decides who stays…
All work and no play makes Kate a dull girl. At least that’s what her family thinks. Apparently she needs reminding that she’s young and beautiful off stage as well as on, and her sister dares her to kiss the next man she finds attractive. When she meets a Scottish actor in the park, the chemistry flashing between them is amazing. With a kiss, that dull, gray part of her flares to life. Friends, family, and even the playhouse ghosts welcome him into their circle. He’s a little reckless, a lot wild, and Kate can’t help but wonder, should she risk her heart on a man who might not stay?

This is book #65 in the Highlanders from the Mists of Time series. After book #1, The Gathering, they can be read in any order. McIsaac is next!

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