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Sutton & Boone (The ‘IT’ Girls #2) by Paige Tyler – Free eBooks Download


The spotlight can be a lonely place…

Sutton Fox is literally the face in front of the camera for Glossed & Glammed, the online company for all-things fashion. Founded with her two best friends, the girls never imagined their little tutorials would become an internet sensation. But now with over two million followers, fame and fortune is theirs. But it has a price. In the highly competitive world of fashion influencing, staying at the top means every moment of every day is spent working-and worrying. For Sutton, being in the center of their bright spotlight is something she can’t get enough of but knowing every star eventually burns out is constantly in the back of her mind. If she’s not trending, then she’s failing. So she comes up with a publicity plan.

When rugby star Boone Hammond rescues her from an overly aggressive creep at a charity event, Sutton knows she’s found the guy to put her plan into motion. The only thing G&G fans like as much as fashion is romance, so Sutton makes a proposal to Boone: She’ll pretend to be his girlfriend to fend off fangirls if he’ll be her high-profile arm candy for the next few months to increase her online presence. It’s a win-win for both of them. Once the allotted time is fulfilled, they both walk away. No harm, no foul. No emotions. But Sutton can’t deny the intense attraction or her feelings. When she’s with Boone, she’s happier than she’s ever been, without all the insecurities that haunt her.

But the agreement was, if either of them starts getting attached, they have to break off their fake relationship. How can she walk away from the one man who finally makes her feel real?

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