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susie, paige michaels

Susie (The Nurturing Center #1) by Paige Michaels – Free eBooks Download


The Nurturing Center is facility where littles can go to start over from a deeply regressed stage. When they’re ready, they are matched up with caregivers who live in the gated community behind The Center, a safe place reserved strictly for age play.

Susie has been living out of her car for a month. When she loses her job as a waitress, two of her favorite customers find her crying in desperation beside the diner. They offer to take her to The Nurturing Center, a place where she can start her life over. A place where she will learn what it means to be a little, to fully regress, to find a forever home with a loving caregiver.
Dr. Farwell’s heart has always gone out to the young woman who waits on him at the diner. He can’t know for sure she has a little in her, but he suspects. Watching her learn what it means to be little and embrace a new way of life should be enough to soothe his soul. But it’s not. He’s never found a little of his own, and he prays that when she’s ready, she’ll agree to become his forever little girl.

The books in this series include thorough medical examinations as well as strong elements of age play, including diapers, bottle feedings, spankings, and other forms of discipline. If these aspects of age play offend you, this may not be the book or series for you.

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