Surviving Love by S.C. Wynne (ePUB)

surviving love, sc wynne

Surviving Love by S.C. Wynne – Free eBooks Download


Reality TV meets True Love

Mason Brenton lived most of his life like a scared mouse. Suffering from anxiety and asthma, he rarely ventured from his mundane routine. He lived vicariously through his books and TV shows, envious of the exciting lives others led. But when Mason is involved in a car accident that almost claims his life, he realizes hiding from the world to protect himself was a fool’s game all along. Mason decides it’s time to truly live his life. He tries out for a spot on his favorite reality TV show Devious Island and he gets accepted.

Jack Harrison teaches people how to survive in the wild. He’s everything Mason isn’t: confident. Commanding. Cunning. The minute Jack sets eyes on Mason, he enjoys making life difficult for the city boy. He thinks Mason is sexy, but in over his head. In his opinion, the sooner the wimpy city boy is sent home, the better.

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