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surprise daddy, hunter rose

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Three years. Continents apart. One unforgettable night.
And an unexpected miracle, created amid war and chaos.
If looks could kill, Roman Wheeler would be guilty as sin.
A navy surgeon and a man dedicated to saving lives.
Seems perfect right?
Too bad his personality is one of nightmares.
Arrogant, condescending, and overly full of himself.
Doctor Wheeler is not exactly relationship material.
But after a traumatic and tragic day.
We came together. We became friends.
And on his last night in this war-torn country.
He broke down my walls, and we shared a night I could never forget.
I never imagined one night would forever change the course of my life.
Nor did I imagine that years would go by before
fate would bring him back into our lives…
One world. Three lives. Continents apart.
A friendship created amid tragedy.
A miracle in the midst of war.
And a reunion that would change the lives of three.
“Roman, I need to tell you something. Could we meet over coffee…?”

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