Surfaced by T.J. Yelden (ePUB)

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Surfaced (Hidden Trilogy #2) by T.J. Yelden – Free eBooks Download


I was a wolf. An honest to God, wolf shifter. How cool was that!?! The problem? I was a latent, which meant that I had to learn how to make my wolf surface. Oh, and apparently latent wolves were rare. Especially white ones. And the Shifter High Council was none too happy to learn about my existence.
I was starting college. A new beginning. Cade, my kind of wolf shifter boyfriend, was off to High Council Enforcer Training. For five years. If that wasn’t a test on your relationship, I don’t know what was.
Add to that a stalker wolf from another pack, meeting other shifters with their own agendas, and trying to stay under the High Council’s radar.
What could possibly go wrong?

Join Kendra as she continues her journey to discover her past, learn about her present, and transform the future…for all shifters.

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  • Surfaced – T.J. Yelden ePUB



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