Sunsets At Pelican Beach by Michele Gilcrest (ePUB)

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Sunsets At Pelican Beach (Pelican Beach #2) by Michele Gilcrest – Free eBooks Download


Moving on from her divorce and finding love again was the best thing that happened to Payton in a long time. After all, who could resist the charm of the handsome and well respected Cole Miller?

Unfortunately, all it takes is one bad apple to spoil everything…

In book two of the Pelican Beach series, Payton’s new photography client proves that she can’t be trusted around Cole. Have you ever met someone willing to do whatever it takes to have their way? Well, that describes the new competition, Lexi Donovan. Will Payton stand by her man and protect what’s hers, or will she get fed up and walk away?

In the midst of Payton balancing her love life, there’s a family scare that sends everyone into a panic. The family would be absolutely devastated if the scare were to end in tragedy.

What about the three sisters? Will Payton and her sisters thrive through all of the family drama or barely survive? Some unexpected news will push their relationship to the test!

Pack your bags and enjoy beautiful sunsets at Pelican Beach! Like anywhere you may visit, there will be a little drama, and maybe even some unwanted competition. But the main dish being served in this book is sweet love!

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