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Sometimes the only way to heal a broken heart is to go back to where it all began.

Bree Ann Martin left home as a teenager and lived through hell for seven years. She’s finally going back, with nothing more than a few bags, a broken heart, and a past she can’t seem to escape from. Her goals are clear, to reconnect with her sister, shake off her horrific past, and finally find the happiness she so desperately craves. Which means absolutely no time for men and certainly no time for the myth people call love. That is, until early one morning when a blast from the past lands on her doorstep with a letter addressed to her, and a grin that is far too cocky.

Jake Phillips is the towns handy man, the man everyone relies on when something goes wrong, or needs fixing. He lives a solitary life and the only thing he asks for is to be left alone. Love is not an option for a man like him because despite growing up in a small town, not everyone can handle your secrets. So he chooses to stay to himself, only coming out when his services are needed. He doesn’t form any kind of attachments. Period. That is, until Bree decides to return home; with sass for days, a ton of attitude, and green eyes that hold so much sadness in them, he finds himself wanting to break all of his own rules.

Welcome to Sunset Heights, a small town where family comes first, and love conquers all. But when secrets are revealed, feelings are hurt, and danger lurks around every corner. Can love alone save them from the past?

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