Sunset By the Sea by Gisele Briseia (ePUB)

sunset sea, gisele briseia

Sunset by the Sea (The Golden Isles Trilogy #1) by Gisele Briseia – Free eBooks Download


Rose McKenzie is no stranger to running.
After the death of her father threatens to bring her back under her mother’s control permanently, Rose flees again. This time it’s to the only sanctuary she’s ever known: a tiny island called Nora.

A shadow looms over her childhood haven.
The longer she stays in Nora, the more Rose realizes the island she knew has changed. Families are leaving in droves, and strangers are taking their places, strangers that don’t seem… human. This leaves her stuck between the fight for Nora and her startling attraction towards a mysterious man as beautiful as the sea, who may or may not be involved with Nora’s alarming decline.

The world isn’t as it seems.
All Rose ever wanted was to make Nora her home, but as more secrets come to light, she becomes entangled in a war as old as humanity itself. Between threats on her life, mysterious voices that call out for he

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