Sunrise At Pelican Beach by Michele Gilcrest (ePUB)

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Sunrise At Pelican Beach (Pelican Beach #5) by Michele Gilcrest – Free eBooks Download


In her latter years, she’s feisty, a free spirit, and rebukes the idea of playing by the rules…

He’s attracted to her fiery personality but hesitant to reveal his true feelings. He’s younger, a traveling business owner, and until now only made time for work.

Will Jolene’s admirer captivate her heart and spark a flame of love? If he does, will she even notice or will her desire to return to her hometown cloud her vision and cause her to miss out on love?

If Jolene’s life wasn’t filled with enough drama, then there’s Payton. Payton is happily married, a mother to a lovely step-daughter with twins on the way, and the owner of a thriving photography shop. At forty-three years of age, she’s accomplished more than she could ever dream of. But, even with all the bliss, there’s still an unresolved matter that keeps lingering in the back of her mind. It’s a letter she received from her ex-husband’s fiancé. When the letter arrived, Payton was determined that it belonged in the trash and out of her life. But why was she struggling to forget the letter inquiring about her ex-husbands past? Does Payton secretly believe she can spare this woman from marrying a cheater and liar?

As always Payton’s sisters will advise and offer support, but what will her husband, Cole, think if she decides to get involved?

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