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summertime nights, katie winters

Summertime Nights (Katama Bay #3) by Katie Winters – Free eBooks Download


The Remington Sisters and Janine and Nancy Grimson unite for a final month of Martha’s Vineyard summertime splendor as they fight to heal the broken women of Katama Lodge and Wellness Spa — and one another.

As a child, Carmella Remington was boisterous, alive — always one to move too fast, laugh too long, feel too deeply. She was the middle child of Neal Remington, the fraught one between Elsa and Colton. Until one day, Carmella made one of the biggest mistakes of her life — a mistake so wretched that it cost Colton’s life.

In the wake of this, Carmella’s entire life changed forever. Her mother could no longer look her in the eye, resulting in even more trauma for Carmella, especially when her mother died a few years later. Carmella built up thick walls and allowed only one woman: her stepmother, Karen, to penetrate them. Soon after, Elsa and Neal seemed to conspire against Carmella, which resulted in Neal divorcing Karen.

Carmella was alone, yet again.

Since then, Carmella has worked tirelessly at the Katama Lodge and Wellness Spa. She’s a fantastic acupuncturist and takes pleasure in providing healing and wellness to women from all over the world. Naturally, she’s never allowed such healing for her soul. She wouldn’t even begin to know how.

But this summer, everything has begun to change. Her father died six months before; Nancy, her current stepmother, along with Nancy’s daughter, Janine, and even Elsa, Carmella’s once-enemy, have joined together to make the Katama Lodge better than ever. And Carmella senses a shift in the love that swirls around them — one that allows her, finally, to begin the healing process she should have been allowed thirty years previously.

Along the way, she just might find all the things her life has been missing — love, companionship, wealth, and loyalty. It’s a new dawn for Carmella Remington. The past can stay in the past. It is time to build.

Dive into book three of The Katama Bay Series — a heartwarming journey of motherly and sisterly love, healing, and promise for better days, all on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, with its gorgeous ocean views, its endless summer days, and its bubbly cast of islanders.

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