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Summer Solstice (Haven Hollow #31) by H.P. Mallory, J.R. Rain – Free eBooks Download


In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity…

Or, at least, that’s what Albert Einstein said.
But I’m not sure I believe it because it seems everything in my life has gone to heck, but I have yet to find an opportunity in any of it.
Things are going so bad, in fact, that I’m wondering if I’ve been cursed.
Of course, I don’t really have any enemies, so who in the world would want to curse me? Not only that, but Wanda insists I’m not cursed so maybe this bad luck is just exactly that… bad luck?
Well, one thing I do know is that life would be a whole heck of a lot easier if I didn’t have this constant guilt gnawing away at me regarding my breakup with Marty.
Sure said breakup was eight months ago, but things between us aren’t good—as in, he won’t really speak to me and that’s something that bothers me more than I can say.
And as to Andre, the incredibly handsome and charming British magician who moved to Haven Hollow in order to instruct Finn in magic? Well, I’ve sort of, kind of, put things on hold between the two of us.
Why? Because I can’t stomach the idea that Marty might think I’ve moved on so quickly.
As things in my personal life continue to blow up (not even exaggerating), I start to wonder if whatever is going on is supernaturally motivated…
Meanwhile, I’m trying to talk myself out of the fear that meets me every time I think of starting something romantic with Andre.
Yes, worries and guilt about Marty are part of the reason I’ve been holding back, but the other part?
Well, that’s all on me and my fear that this could turn out to be just another failed relationship in a string of failed relationships…

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