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ISBN13: 9781416968290

Summer series by Jenny Han (Book #1 – 3) Free eBooks Download


THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY: (ISBN13: 9781416968290) Belly’s never been the kind of girl that things happen to. Year after year, she’s spent her summers at the beach house with Conrad and Jeremiah. The boys never noticed Belly noticing them. And every summer she hoped it would be different. This time, it was. But the summer Belly turned pretty was the summer that changed everything. For better, and for worse.

IT’S NOT SUMMER WITHOUT YOU: (ISBN13: 9781416995555) Belly thought her romance with Conrad was picture-perfect: She was all grown up and dating the boy of her dreams. But things with Conrad were never exactly as she had dreamed (obsessed) about. He keeps getting more distant and distracted, and Belly wishes she could walk away. But when Jeremiah calls her to tell her Conrad has seemingly gone missing, it takes her only seconds to start packing her things. Belly embarks on a journey to find him…no matter how much what she discovers will hurt her.

WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE SUMMER: (ISBN13: 9781416995586) Belly has only ever been in love with two boys, both with the last name Fisher. And after being with Jeremiah for the last two years, she’s almost positive he is her soul mate. Almost. Conrad has not gotten over the mistake he made when he let Belly go even as Jeremiah has always known that Belly is the girl for him. So when Belly and Jeremiah decide to make things forever, Conrad realizes that it’s now or never–tell Belly he loves her, or lose her for good.
Belly will have to confront her feelings for Jeremiah and Conrad and face a truth she has possibly always known: she will have to break one of their hearts.

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  • It’s Not Summer Without You (Summer Series Book #2) by Jenny Han – In .epub and .pdf
  • We’ll Always Have Summer (Summer Series Book #3) by Jenny Han – In .epub and .pdf

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