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Summer Lovin’ (Mountain Ridge Resort) by Kameron Claire – Free eBooks Download


What happens when the one that got away enters her vintage dusk rose 1957 Ford Thunderbird at a weekend classic car show where I’m also showing my 1954 Chevy truck?
You’ve heard of the Montagues and the Capulets? Well, this is that story—my family is die-hard Chevy while she’s fourth generation Ford—except I have no plans on dying in order to get the girl.
Julianna is the girl that got away. From the other side of the tracks, she had everything I could only dream of having as a teenage boy. Friends, popularity, and money—she’s the quintessential prom queen, class valedictorian, and the one voted most likely to succeed. She’s everything I wasn’t at the time, but that didn’t stop her from kissing me behind the lockers during football games or sneaking out of the house to meet at our special place after everyone else went to bed.
Upon graduation she went off to college while I left for the military—my only way to break the cycle of poverty I was born in to. We lost touch, because it’s not like I could’ve show up at her door and ask her parent’s to give her my number. They would have shot me on sight, or at least called the cops on the Romero boy.
But when I see a one of a kind car at the Holiday Hills Resort Annual Car Show, I’m wondering if fate is giving me a second-chance at love and a happily-ever-after?

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