Suck it Up by Andie M. Long (ePUB)

suck it up, andie m long

Suck it Up (Suck Dead #4) by Andie M. Long – Free eBooks Download


One minute I’m choosing the perfect piece of furniture for my next masterpiece, the next I find myself under a pile of it having a panic attack. As a zombie, I have an irrational fear of being trapped under wood for any length of time.
Enter vampire Virginia Letwine to rescue me. When I see who’s saved me, I beg to be put back. I can’t stand her. All her gloating and acting superior and making out I’m pathetic. I hate her kind, and I don’t mean vampires, I mean materialistic women who want to land a rich man.
But I have a problem. I need to do something about my land and the amount of salvage and recycling on it, and with her swiftness and strength, she’s the perfect partner.
I have to think of the bigger picture, suck it up, and ask for her help.
I’m surprised when she says yes and helps me organise my land and outbuildings, and even more surprised when I find myself enjoying her company.
As Ginny reveals her past, I find myself wondering about my future.
And how thin the line between love and hate really is…
I guess Gnarly is about to find out.

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