Submitting to the Viking Warrior by Lily Harlem (ePUB)

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Submitting to the Viking Warrior by Lily Harlem – Free eBooks Download


*From award-winning erotic romance author Lily Harlem

Alone in her longhouse with a fierce winter ahead, the last thing Ingrid expects is a strapping Viking appearing on her threshold.
Laden with gifts from her daughter and new husband King Njal, Gunnar’s arrival is a lifesaver. And now he’s delivered the goods, Gunnar can journey back to Halsgrof on his fine horse.
But the wild storm and Gunnar have other ideas. Determined to stay with Ingrid, he settles in for the long dark Nordic months. He’s dominant, demanding, stern and strict, and he’s there every time Ingrid turns around.
And when he decides she’s been disobedient, she soon finds herself tipped upside down, her bottom bared, and a humiliating spanking delivered. Yet she can’t help but be drawn to his strength and kindness, and when he shows her just how good a man can make her feel, Ingrid forgets the chill outside and soon heats to volcanic proportions.

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