Stuck with the Single Dad by Georgia Coffman (ePUB)

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Stuck with the Single Dad (Stuck with You) by Georgia Coffman – Free eBooks Download


I’m stuck with my one-night stand.
What was supposed to be a quick and blissful night with a yummy stranger has turned into my worst nightmare, thanks to a nasty storm and power outage.

The carefree single life I choose to lead only works because I wholeheartedly avoid getting to know the guys I meet. And now, I’m dangerously close to being swept off my feet by the tattooed former soccer player. I can’t escape learning every intriguing detail about him.

Not that it matters, of course. I won’t be seeing him again.
Except fate intervenes, and I do see him again—and he asks me to marry him.
With wild hair and charm for days, Wade Jameson is the stuff of fantasies. It’s why I hooked up with him in the first place. But marriage? Ha! I cherish my single life like I do my margaritas.

But when he insists I’m his best option to get custody of his daughter since we have “a history,” I can’t say no.
I can’t share with him the main reason I say yes, either. That would mean getting even closer to him, and developing real feelings for my fake husband would be a mistake.
But the more we pretend to be a family, the more I surprise myself and wonder… what if we can have it all?

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