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Stroke It (Addicts Unite #3) by Brooke Page – Free eBooks Download


You’d think the most gorgeous and talented woman in the music business would capture my attention.
You’d think I’d be thrilled and honored to have her join my band on our worldwide tour, blending her fans with ours to create one explosive tribe.
You’d think my response would be an automatic yes like the rest of my bandmates.
You know what I think?
Hell. No.
Although Raina Skye is beautiful, talented, and the latest Princess of Pop, she’s the last person in the world I’d want to share a stage with.
She’s a liar.
Now, our band manager isn’t giving me a choice, demanding that I play nice.
She wants to mend our professional relationship, but I’m not the forgiving kind.
But the moment she opens her mouth and sings into the microphone, all of my senses shift into overdrive, and I’ve never been more thankful to have a guitar covering the front of my pants.
Why do I want someone who gets under my skin so badly?
Someone who drives me crazy and causes an insane amount of stress, so much that I debate on dabbling into my old bad habits? The same habits that became out of control, causing me to destroy my family. The only good coming out of it being the evolution of Addicts Unite.

By the way my body was responding to her presence, I was in trouble.
She was going to become my new bad habit.
I think this could end terribly.
Or possibly, epic.


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