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strike chord, laura rocca

Strike A Chord (Rise Like A Rocket #2) by Laura Rocca – Free eBooks Download


It only takes a moment for life to take a one-eighty…

Fame overwhelms you. It changes you, turns you into someone you no longer recognize, especially when, to keep that fame, you’re obliged to adopt a different persona.
After the sell-out Rock Festival Tour, Denys Phillips, The Blind Spot guitarist, heads to the peaceful surroundings of Lake Placid in the Adirondacks, desperate to find himself and finally drop the mask he finds himself wearing constantly, and break free of his hard-drinking, hard-partying rocker reputation.
Will he ever be able to show himself for who he really is?
Not according to the band’s new manager. Not if he wants to maintain the same level of success.
Denys is convinced that his true self can never be appreciated, until he meets Chloe Foster and is forced to confront his inner demons.

Veterinarian Chloe Foster loves the quiet life in Lake Placid, where she works at the local animal hospital. Her life revolves around her patients, and for good reason. As a teenager she was betrayed by the person she trusted most – her father – and since then she has lost all faith in humans.
When she meets Denys she has no idea who he is, and when she accidentally discovers his identity, she struggles to reconcile his wild-man image with that of the guy she just met.
Who is the real Denys Phillips and why is he pretending to be something that he isn’t?
Unable to forget the way her father deceived her, Chloe decides that, despite the obvious attraction she feels for Denys, the only way to avoid further pain is to walk away. However, the more she tries to convince herself to move on and never look back, the more she wonders if maybe, just maybe, he’s worth the risk.

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