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Straight-Boy (Red Sky, Texas #8) by Beau Brown – Free eBooks Download


These feelings of attraction I’m having for Luis are so different from anything I’ve felt before.

Alpha Daniel Jones is still trying to find his place in life. He’s twenty-six, but unable to find a girl who lights him on fire. He reassures himself the problem is he travels so much for work, but when he gets laid off, he doesn’t have any more luck in the romance department than before. While there are plenty of girls he can sleep with, no one makes him eager to take the next step of claiming them.

Omega Luis Brighton has known Daniel for years as a work acquaintance. In fact, Daniel even set him up on a blind date with his dad, Sharky. Unfortunately, Sharky was already in love with someone else. Luis is forty-four and ready to settle down, but he’s very picky and the right alpha just hasn’t come along yet. He feels pressure to take an omega before he gets any older, since he’s already pushing it when it comes to having kids. Most alphas are looking for a much younger omega to breed with, but is that any reason to settle?

Daniel and Luis start hanging out more, drinking and complaining to each other about how lonely they are. One wild night of way too many tequila shots, they step over a line neither one of them is comfortable crossing. Daniel is shocked to discover he’s sexually attracted to a man and Luis is mortified he’s hot for a guy eighteen years younger than him. They both agree it was a terrible mistake, and just want to put that night behind them.

Things really spin out of control when Luis discovers he’s pregnant with Daniel’s child.

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