Storm Moon Rising by Eden Ember (ePUB)

storm moon rising, eden ember

Storm Moon Rising by Eden Ember – Free eBooks Download


My house is haunted.
And the ghost is the man of my dreams.

Ghosts. I believe they walk among us.
I’ve had experiences, but nothing like this. Ever since I moved into my new home, I’ve seen the evidence, heard the suspicious noises echoing downstairs, in the den. I know I’m not alone.
Some people are spooked by the thought of a haunted house. I’m not. If anything, I’m drawn to the mystery. Now that I’ve glimpsed into the spirit world, I want to learn more about the ghost in my home. I know only a few things about him. Drew Selman lived with the couple who owned the house before me, and he was tragically killed. His life was cut short. He is my age. Or rather was…
The man whose fate entwines with my own is on the other side of a thin, ethereal veil. Each night, he whispers in my ear while I slumber, offering promises of love. My need to feel his touch grows stronger, and I wait.
If only I could cross the barrier and bring him back to my side, where he belongs…

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