Stone of Hope by Melanie Deem (ePUB)

stone of hope, melanie deem

Stone of Hope (Stone of Life Trilogy #1) by Melanie Deem – Free eBooks Download


Destinies are like diamonds whose facets are cut by difficult decisions.

Seventeen-year-old Jewel’s father has been keeping secrets from her, secrets that change everything one fateful day when she’s swept into the war-torn realm of the trolls. Centuries ago, a sacred blue stone with enigmatic healing power was stolen from the troll realm, plunging it into chaos and draining the magic from their once beautiful and thriving land. Crops withered, populations dwindled, and hope was siphoned from the hearts and minds of her people.
Each step she takes navigating this new reality, she’s drawn deeper into a web of intrigue, betrayal, and unexpected alliances as battles are waged and loyalties tested. But one truth shines bright amid the shadows lies: Jewel has no other choice but to help the trolls retrieve and return the stone to their realm. Her past, and future, are precariously tied to this stone. And if the troll realm dies, Jewel might die with it.

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