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Stone Cold Obsidian by Lisa Oliver – Free eBooks Download


Obsidian River, known to his friends as ‘Dian’ has lived a long and comfortable life, working as an enforcer for the Paranormal Council with his friend Eagle. Being sent to Arrowtown to track down a faint lead on a missing rhino shifter was an everyday occurrence. Besides, he would get to catch up with an old friend, Cam and gossip had it, that Cam owned a bar and his mate owned a bakery. Dian was always a fan of fresh baked goods and beer. In his head it was simple – go to Arrowtown, sample some local fun and head home again. That was, until he heard a certain man laugh…

Keenak, known as Kee to everyone around him, hadn’t been working at Cam’s bar in Arrowtown long, but he already felt as though he’d found a permanent home. The people were friendly, he was renting a cute little apartment, and Brutus at the bakery made the best bear claws he’d ever had. It was nice, to just stop running – to shoot the breeze with the locals at the bar, and sleep in a warm bed at night. Cam’s dislike of men in suits added to his feeling comfortable… until two men in suits came to town.

Pixie dust doesn’t always make rainbows. When people start coming out of the woodwork after Kee, the two men must make a choice – run and pray no one catches up to them, or trust in the people of Arrowtown to keep them safe.

Dian and Kee are two new characters to Arrowtown, and this book can be read as a standalone. But the plot lines regarding the rhino and a certain rabbit in Cam’s bar will mean more if you’ve read previous books in the series. This is an MM Fated Mates story containing graphic language, a few incidents of violence, and intimate situations between men written specifically for adults. Please store your ebooks responsibly.

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