Stolen Kingdom by Sara Snow (ePUB)

stolen kingdom, sara snow

Stolen Kingdom (The Shattered Kingdom Trilogy #2) by Sara Snow – Free eBooks Download


This imprisonment thing is getting really old!

After being banished from the castle, I am kidnapped and held hostage by The Prince. My every thought is consumed by the need to make it back to the Alpha King…
If someone had told me that my path would lead to the Palace of Kings in Larose Kingdom, I’d have said they were mad.
Yet, here I am, ensnared by this Prince, darker and more menacing than even the Alpha King.
His malevolence can no longer hide from me.
Above all, I must return to Kaine.
The haunting memory of our last encounter remains: Kaine, sacrificing himself to the Dark Fae, all to keep me safe…
What cruel bargain did he strike in my name?
A gut feeling assures me he’s still alive.
His presence is palpable… He draws nearer with every heartbeat.
The void he left is immense. I yearn to be by his side and aid him in reclaiming his rightful throne.

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