Stolen By The Alien Beast by Celeste King (ePUB)

stolen alien beast, celeste king

Stolen By The Alien Beast by Celeste King – Free eBooks Download


A big bad alien warrior has boarded my ship and claimed me as his mate!
I dunno. Dating just isn’t what it used to be…

So what if he’s part of the Draconian race? So what if he’s a legendary space marauder, taking whatever he wants from anyone and everyone.
He’s never met Nina Bucky before, and boy is he gonna regret it.
I’m not just some damsel in distress. I’m a thief. Quick on my feet and nice to look at when I’m bending over. So when some big alien dude says I’m his genetic match after he takes me aboard his ship, I’m thinking I’ve heard that line at the last Pirate’s Happy Hour half a dozen times, you know?

So, what’s a sensible, strong human girl to do against the big alien warrior? That’s simple. Run away. Besides, if he’s really my genetic match, he should be able to catch me each time right? And claim me again and again and make sure I never run?
Kinda makes me wanna get caught…

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