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Stitch (Trident #5) by Jaime Lewis – Free eBooks Download


Stitch would never act on his feelings for Mia. But with her life in danger, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

As a Navy Seal, Evan ‘Stitch’ Watson has faced danger in all forms. He’s not afraid of much. Except maybe his team leader’s reaction when he finds out he’s got it bad for his sister Mia Chambers.

Smart and savvy veterinarian, Mia, feels just as strongly about Stitch, but like Stitch thinks any romance between them is doomed to fail because of her brother.
When a case of mistaken identity sees Mia caught up in a bizarre crime ring, she’s badly beaten and given an anonymous warning to run. Following the instructions of her mysterious savior, Mia seeks shelter in the only place she knows is safe: Stitch’s cabin in the beautiful but isolated Shenandoah Mountains.

When Stitch is alerted to Mia’s arrival in the mountains, he along with Mia’s family are concerned. As Mia’s troubles become clear, Stitch swears to keep her protected in the safety of his cabin.
In close confines, neither can escape their feelings for the other. Inevitably, the two find themselves admitting to their attraction and realize there is much more to bring them together than there is to keep them apart.

But the danger Mia was running from has followed her. And this time she won’t be able to hide. Will they make it out of the mountains alive? And is there any real chance for their fledging romance when Mia’s mysterious savior reveals himself?

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