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Step Above the Rest (Yours Everlasting #19) by Haven Rose – Free eBooks Download


Never say things can’t get worse.

I did that when my mom got sick, and I was wrong. Instead of being with her, I’m sent to live with my dad and finish my senior year of high school. Apparently, he does know I exist and wants to meet me. So, there’s that. Oh, and he’s married. I’m not done. She has kids of her own. Two sons. I’m smack dab in the middle of them age-wise. There’s still more. Travis Gates, the oldest, does not watch me like we’re related. How do I know? I look at him the same way.
My mom falling in love after my parents’ divorce was a shock. Admittedly, there was a tense adjustment period, but my stepdad is actually really cool. We’ve settled in to our new reality and I’m looking forward to college in the fall. But, as experience has taught me, nothing ever goes as planned. An unexpected arrival, in the form of a daughter that will be living with us, once more shakes things up. Especially for me because while Betty Lancaster is my stepsister, she’s also mine. Period.

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