Stefano’s Peach by ChaShiree M. (ePUB)

stefano's peach, chashiree m

Stefano’s Peach (The Virgin Surrogates #1) by ChaShiree M. – Free eBooks Download


How did I end up here? Here, staring at the most gorgeous man I have ever seen, sitting in his car as his eyes do exciting things to my body, making me feel dirty in the best way possible. How did I end up pregnant by this stranger, who tells me, I am going to be his? The bigger question is…why do I want it too? I have always had only one dream. But now, I think I have a different one…to be his.

My legacy was the end game. Having someone to pass my empire to, when my time was up. For that, I needed a baby, but not a wife. Surrogacy was the only option I was willing to entertain, until I saw her leaving the clinic. The moment her peach scented innocence walked past me, all bets are off. My mission is clear, she is going to carry my baby and I am going to make her mine.

This innocent little peach doesn’t know it yet, but she is going to be my baby girl, while she carries my son. I didn’t want a wife, but fuck if I am going to let her go.

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