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Steel Hopes (Brothers in Blue #3) by Jason Collins – Free eBooks Download


Boys who cry wolf don’t interest me. But Chase Griffin isn’t lying this time.
It’s easy to write Chase off as an eccentric celebrity dying to keep his name on everyone’s lips. He did lie once, after all. But when he hires me to protect him from a stalker, he insists this is real. And I can’t help but believe him.
Maybe it’s because he’s gorgeous. Maybe I’m just an idiot with a crush on my new boss. It’s hard to tell when a good actor is telling the truth, but I know one thing: if I thought I was straight, I was lying to myself before I met Chase. Now I need to track down a stalker.

Once a liar, always a liar. When you’re a former child star, people only remember you for two reasons: you’ve died, or someone’s stalking you. I’m not dead, but my career is about to be—so I made up a scandal. Oops.
Problem is, now I’ve actually got a stalker.
The only person who believes me is Thomas, the cop I’ve hired to keep me safe. The moment we meet, I know he and I aren’t going to keep it professional. Not when I see those rough hands and devastating lips. But even if he can protect me, I doubt he’ll ever trust me—not when I can’t trust myself.

**This is the third book in the Brothers in Blue series. It can be read as a standalone with no cliffhanger.**

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