Stealing His Heart by Cameron Hart (ePUB)

stealing his heart, cameron hart

Stealing His Heart (Men of Blackthorne Mountain #1) by Cameron Hart – Free eBooks Download


She came for his money but she left with his heart.

Naomi: I never wanted to be a criminal, but desperate times and all that. Once I figure out a way inside the reclusive billionaire’s fortified castle, I’ll be in and out in no time.
That’s the plan at least. I didn’t expect to fall into his arms…and into his bed.
It turns out the most priceless thing on Blackthorne mountain is Clayton’s heart of gold. I just hope I figure out how to keep it as my own.
Clayton: The little thief has been casing my place for days now. I should scare her off, but for some reason, I like looking at her.
Those curves, her curly brown hair, and bright hazel eyes taunt me from where I sit in my office and observe her on my security cameras. I can look and not touch, or at least that’s what I tell myself.
When the little criminal takes a nasty fall on my property, I have no choice but to scoop her up in my arms and carry her inside. And when she looks up at me with such bravery, such vulnerability, I have no choice but to make her mine. My little thief has secrets, but I’ll protect her with everything I am.
Naomi came to take my fortune. Instead, she stole my heart.

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