Stealing Her Lady’s Highlander by Ann Marie Scott (ePUB)

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Stealing Her Lady’s Highlander by Ann Marie Scott – Free eBooks Download


His angelic face will take her straight to hell…

Margaret has never wanted much from life. Growing up extremely poor, a bed to sleep on, and a job that can help her make a living have always seemed like an idyllic dream. However, fate can smile even to common folk, and at eighteen, Margaret gets out of the kitchens and becomes a chambermaid.

The best part is that her new Lady, Isla, is a lass her age, and the two girls immediately begin to develop a friendship. Margaret’s first task will be to prepare Isla for marriage, something any woman would love to do. Yet, as soon as Margaret lays eyes on her Lady’s new betrothed, Brodie, she realizes that he is the most handsome man she has ever seen.

Brodie MacKenzie can make a woman fall by gazing at her and coupling his looks with his gentle character, he makes the perfect husband. But unfortunately, Brodie seems to not care for Isla at all! Instead, he is more interested in talking with Margaret, who he finds fascinating and so different from any other woman he has ever met.

Margaret knows that she has no chance of being anything more than a mistress to the nobleman, but even if she did, she would never betray her Lady. However, Isla hides secrets of her own; she loves another man and would very much want this marriage to be canceled!

Surprisingly, it seems that Isla’s wish will come true, as rumors that Margaret and Brodie have done a lot more than talking spread in the castle… Stealing her Lady’s betrothed is an unforgivable crime, and unaware of who spread the rumors, Margaret watches her life being ruined. Her last hope is Brodie’s support, but how can she expect him to risk everything to save a chambermaid he has just met?

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