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Stealing First by Weston Parker – Free eBooks Download


She’s saving herself for marriage.
Not if I have anything to do with it!
I steal bases for a living. Now watch me steal her v-card.
I’ll take it all, over and over, and she’ll beg me not to stop.
You don’t get in the batting cage with me and expect to leave unscathed.

The minute Terra Harmon walked back into my life, I’m hard for her.
She’s always had that effect on me.
She’s sweet, she’s innocent, and she’s my best friend’s little sister.
She thinks she’s going to take over our pro-league baseball team, but she’s going to be so busy trying to keep her virginity intact. She won’t have time to deal with anything but the tip of my bat.
One mistake, and I’ll slide into first.
One little slip-up, and I’m going deep. Balls deep.
She wants to save herself for marriage?
She’s in the wrong game.
Danny McAdams is a bad boy single father player, but his ways are about to change for the one woman that got away.

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