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steafast alpha, lorelei m hart

Steadfast Alpha (Omegas Inn Love #2) by Lorelei M. Hart – Free eBooks Download


I’ve always had a plan. My life has always gone according to that. However, along the way, I missed something. I thought my regimented life and financial security were enough to sustain me.
I was wrong. My bear craves an omega and a family, but I’m not interested in the dating scene or one of those apps.
So when a wax-sealed envelope arrives in my mailbox offering me a chance to get away, I make plans to travel, sure the rest and relaxation will quell my bear.

Once I retired from being an Olympic gold-medal winning swimmer, I had no clue what I wanted for or from life. Having lived on a tight schedule since that first daddy-and-me swimming class when the teacher said I had talent, I was so ready to be free.
But now, those free hours stretch out in front of me, empty. And my rabbit, who has never had a lot to say, has decided a mate will give us purpose.
I’ve heard no one leaves the Bearclaw Inn without a mate, but never dreamed I’d receive an invitation. Good timing? Or just a dead end?
Only one way to find out.

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