Staying for Her by S.A. Clayton (ePUB)

staying for her, sa clayton

Staying for Her (Harbour Cove #4) by S.A. Clayton – Free eBooks Download


All Lucas Collins wanted was a simple life. One where he could fix motorcycles, hang out with his friends and if he’s lucky, have the love of a good woman. But his parents are hell-bent on making sure none of that happens.
Having a trust fund was supposed to mean freedom, money to get himself out of his parent’s shadow and into the life he always wanted, but that money came with stipulations, ones he wanted nothing to do with until he met Billie Peters.
Billie always thought she had her life planned out. Successful photography business that she built from the ground out and a boyfriend whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life. That is until she came home to the news that he got another girl pregnant.
With nowhere to go, Billie and Lucas come up with a plan. Lucas needs to fool his parents into thinking he’s engaged in order to get his money, Billie needs a place to crash until she can find somewhere else to live. Win-win right?
That is until feelings start to get involved and the lines between fake and reality begin to blur.

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