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stay with me, el emkey

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In the dark depths of a coastal Oregon town, Special Agent James Buchanan finds himself at the center of a chilling investigation. A string of sadistic killings has plagued the harbor town for months, each victim bearing a chillingly familiar brand – an “S” seared into their flesh. As the FBI delves deeper, what initially seemed like a copycat case takes a sinister turn beyond their wildest imaginations. The wrong man has been arrested, and now Agent Buchanan must hunt down a killer who can vanish into thin air. Racing against time, he must protect Ava Monroe, the only girl who managed to escape the clutches of the sadistic murderer. To keep Ava safe, Agent Buchanan risks everything. It becomes a race against time to save the women he never planned on loving.

Ava, haunted by her past, seeks solace in a new life far away from the Massachusetts town she once called home. But when a tough-as-nails hotshot FBI Agent Buchanan appears at her door, the connection between them is instant, and the danger they face becomes all too real. Their lives become entangled in a treacherous game of hide-and-seek as the killer lurks in the mist and shadows, always one step ahead. Together, they must unravel the truth and bring the killer to justice before it’s too late. But as time ticks away, their every move becomes a battle for survival.

In the pulse-pounding romantic thriller “Stay With Me,” can Agent Buchanan and Ava stop a relentless killer before he strikes again? Or will they become the next victims in a horrifying game of cat-and-mouse? The clock is ticking, and the stakes have never been higher.

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