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stay christmas, genny carrick

Stay this Christmas (Magnolia Ridge #3) by Genny Carrick – Free eBooks Download


Christmas with my ex is anything but jolly
My ex-boyfriend is back in town. It’s fine. I’m fine.

Who cares that Sam Donnelly has spent the last ten years having adventures all over the world? Not me. Who cares that he’s become a Christmas-hating Grinch since we dated? I sure don’t. Who cares that the years have only made him hotter and an even bigger flirt? Hadn’t noticed.
I’m too busy jump starting my social life before it completely flatlines. Even my patients at the retirement community lead more exciting lives than I do. I’ve got a list of activities to try, but my awkward attempts would go a whole lot smoother if Sam didn’t keep turning up to witness them.
When he offers to help me tackle my list, I agree on one condition—he has to let me get him back in the holiday spirit. If he’s going to coax me up a rock climbing wall, I’m going to rekindle his love of Christmas.

But that’s the only rekindling I’ll allow. Because if we reignite the spark between us, I’ll just wind up heartbroken all over again when he leaves on his next adventure.

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