Starting Over in Sunfall Key by Hanna Hart (ePUB)

starting over, hanna hart

Starting Over in Sunfall Key (Sunfall Key #1) by Hanna Hart – Free eBooks Download


A widowed surgeon. A broken heart. And a beach house that can hopefully fix everything.

Cameron Dawson’s life flat lines as her husband of 23 years suddenly delivers the news that he wants a divorce. Coming on the heels of sending her only son off to college and losing her Aunt, Cameron can’t take much more. Sure, their marriage had gone a little cold, but she planned to turn that all around by reconnecting this summer at the beach house her Aunt left her. Cameron never once thought she would be going alone.

Alone. Cameron has felt alone for a long time now. Maybe swearing off relationships all together is exactly what she needs. If you don’t let anyone in, NO ONE CAN BREAK YOUR HEART.
Cameron arrives at the door of her Aunt’s beach house and all the memories rush in. She feels broken, but somehow feels right in this place. Just when Cameron begins to pick up the pieces, she finds a note on her door step and its signed – Secret Admirer. The new life she has envisioned for herself doesn’t include anyone else. Especially not a Secret Admirer. “Ignore it,” she tells herself. “This is the last thing you need.”

Will this be the end of Cameron’s Secret Admirer? Or will her newly built walls come crumbling down?

Starting Over in Sunfall Key really is a heartwarming summer beach read. If getting lost in sun-drenched beach sagas brings you joy, then the relatable characters of A Warm Beach Series are for you. Start your getaway in Sunfall Key with the first book Starting Over in Sunfall Key and continue the vacation with the rest of the Warm Beach Series.
Watch for the rest of the series as it comes available!

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